A Vidimierung is a verification or notarisation of a copy’s compliance with the original document. In the case of publicly certified copies of a document, the court, notary or issuing authority shall confirm that the copy is identical to the original. For example, Austrian representation authorities abroad can confirm that the copy of a document (passport, birth certificate etc.) erected in Austria corresponds to the original presented to them.

However, a Vidimierung is not an authentication. It does not confirm the authenticity or accuracy of the document or any signatures or stamps on it. Furthermore, a Vidimierung shall be refused, if there is reason to believe that it might serve to violate or circumvent legislation or that it could serve for any other abusive use. Especially if the Vidimierung could serve to give the impression that it is an authentication, it shall be refused.

There is no equivalent English translation for Vidimierung. However, it might be translated with the original Latin expression, vidimus. Literally translated from Latin, vidimus means we have seen.

At last, be careful not to confuse Vidimierung with the very similar Vidierung, which has the same Latin origin. Vidierung can be translated into English as attestation and means the information and confirmation by various bodies.

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